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Customized White Marble Gazebo Outdoor Decor for Sale MOKK-981

Customized White Marble Gazebo Outdoor Decor for Sale MOKK-981

This marble gazebo is a classic hexagonal gazebo, carved from pure white natural marble, and the carvings on the pillars are gorgeous and exquisite. This gazebo could be used for the decoration of gardens, wedding venues, and scenic spots. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.
Item No: MOKK-981
Size: Customized Size
Type: Outdoor Decor
Material: Natural Marble
Service: Customized Service
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Applications: Villas, Gardens, Scenic spots, etc.

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Gazebo Introduction

This marble gazebo is a white hexagonal gazebo with an iron top. The gazebo is topped by a black iron cap and the body consists of six simply shaped pillars, stone bases, and stone benches. The gazebo beams are carved with exquisite carvings. This gazebo is simple and generous in shape, and the black iron top and the white gazebo body reflect each other, appearing more beautiful and artistic. In addition, the design of stone benches could provide people with a place to rest and is very practical, so this gazebo is widely welcomed. It is worth mentioning that the height of the entrance door of our gazebo could be adjusted according to the actual needs.

Customized White Marble Gazebo Outdoor Decor for Sale MOKK-981

High-Quality Marble Material

Our marble gazebo is widely popular and customers are especially satisfied with the quality of the gazebo. We are a professional sculpture-making factory in China for nearly 40 years now. We have many long-term and stable stone suppliers to work with, and we would choose high-quality marble material to make the sculpture. This marble gazebo is made of natural A-grade marble with a very clean color and fine texture, which adds a sacred feeling to the whole gazebo, thus it is often used for formal occasions such as weddings. What’s more, it is hard and strong and has a long life span, so it could be placed outdoors for a long time.

Marble Gazebo -Trevi Sculpture




Our Advantages

Our factory has rich experience in making and exporting sculptures, and we could solve various problems for our customers. First of all, we could provide customized service for customers when they purchase the gazebo. We have a professional design team that could make marble gazebos according to customers’ requirements in terms of size, color, and shape. And we would communicate with customers patiently during the design process until they determine the style of gazebo they want. Secondly, after the customer receives the goods, we would provide installation guidance to the customer to ensure that the customer successfully installs the gazebo. It is worth mentioning that our service does not stop there if you have related questions of product you could contact us and we would try our best to help you solve them.

Marble Gazebo -Trevi Sculpturemarble gazebo outdoor -Trevi Sculpture


More Choice of Gazebos

Our factory produces and exports a large number of marble gazebos every year. In addition to our factory’s wide range of gazebos, we are constantly exploring more beautiful gazebos. If you want high quality and beautiful marble gazebo, we could provide you with more pictures and videos of gazebos. We have a wide range of gazebos in our factory, and we believe you could choose the one you like.

White Marble Gazebo -Trevi SculptureWhite Marble Gazebo -Trevi Sculpture

If you need to buy one, just contact us quickly and we would apply a discount for you. As a professional sculpture-making factory, we believe you would be satisfied with our sculpture products.


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